The humanist by profession, the woman of culture by passion. In the past, radio and television journalist.

Currently, since 2005, director of the Institute of Carpathians Europe in Nowy Sącz, which implements projects in the field

of traditional and contemporary culture of the Carpathian countries.

Author and developer of projects co-financed from EU funds, including Carpathians Adventure Map (promotion of culture and tourism on the Internet) and the International Multimedia Festival Malopolska Carpathians OFFer, which  had so far 10 editions.

Author of screenplays and director of numerous artistic performances combining various fields and styles of art. Many of them

appeal  to traditional culture showing its beauty and influence on culture and contemporary art.

She cooperates in everyday work with numerous individual artists and folkloristic groups.


Małgorzata Broda's opus is also the copyright concepts of the Congress of Culture of the Regions - meeting on the European range

organized by the Małopolska Region. So far, there have been four editions of the congress devoted to various aspects

of traditional culture. The event is extremely popular among scientists as well as creators and activists dealing with material

and intangible heritage.

Małgorzata Broda is also invited as an expert at conferences in Poland and abroad.  She presents there good practices regarding

the organization and promotion of culture and the preservation of intangible heritage, especially in mountainous areas.

Małgorzata Broda is also a valued announcer and narrator of numerous cultural events. She co-creates and lead up the cycle

"Tradition through generations" - a project promoting the intergenerational transmission of cultural heritage.

She announces concerts of the festival "Music enchanted in wood", which take place in historic wooden buildings

in the Małopolska region.

She leads up prestigious world awards galas of  the name of John Paul II  Veritatis Splendor in Cracow.


Małgorzata Broda is also the author of documentary films, including "Wooden soul of Małopolska" about UNESCO's wooden



Poet, dancer, author of articles and artistic texts.