Between 13 and 15 April 2018 at Sofia – Bulgaria with the big support of our general secretary Mr. Rosen Bogdanov it will be organized the IGF Board Meeting with the following order:

• 13 April, 20.00 o’clock:

 - IGF President’s speech

- Joining IGF of the new member from Russia (Chelyabinsk) and presenting the International Festival ”Sinijorie”

- Organizing and participating of the IGF members at the IGF Folklore Caravan 2018

– in Spain (proposals) - Organizing IGF Gold Star and World Folklore Star between 6 and 10 August in Cyprus. Finding new historic names for these two great events. (proposals)

 - IGF delegation for the meeting in Vietnam - Actual stage of the Dance Academy

 - Release the IGF magazine 2017/2018 - Release of the IGF Album and IGF distinctions

 - International Festival of Folklore Music from Tîrgu MureČ™

 – Romania (November 2018) - Analyze of the financial situation and measure for warnings and exclusions for those one who does not respect the IGF Status

- Other problems.

Organizing one meeting by each IGF member with the participation of all IGF members once per year.